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Newcastle chief says he may limit supply of escorts in North London city

As manager of Newcastle Busty Escort Girls Richard Simoni is under increasing pressure to boost the number of women employed to work in his affiliated agencies supplying escorts in North London.

Initially from very limited quotas Simoni says he is happy with the number of women employed by his firm, but adds that should there be ‘more of a chance’ to meet local woman looking for work that he may find himself asking the men who supply some of the largest numbers of escorts in the capital to increase the quota of female workers to 30 per cent of all their prostitutes.

‘Some Escorts will be your straight peers, some will be slightly older, some will be younger, some of them will be different races and this will affect my perception if these people were not of the same age, as I am.’

Richard Simoni has revealed his plans to call on the escorts over the age of 30 to serve as a task force to the other agencies.

If current resources are inadequate for the working population of the area that includes the boroughs of Islington, Barnet, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Greenwich, Haringey, Southwark, and Westminster and part of Camden then Simoni admits he may even think of closing the services of escorts in few incall establishments he operates in Newcastle itself.

‘It’s also important to note that escorts are used by a lot hotel groups where the door policy is not strictly enforced. Even if they have a disclaimer in the contract that a woman who is receiving payment in the premises can be in breach of the contract. There are three escorts agencies located here who will have got as much as £5,000 per night for 30 hours during the recent conference season and there is no word in that contract that says that those escorts are not people who would help to bring a new generation of women in to the business of providing escorts to the public.